Other Anarchist Web-pages

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Anarchist News

Webpages for breaking news of anarchist and radical actions and ideas.

A-infos: Anarchist News Service
A-Infos: Anarchist News Service
An anarchist alternative news service (in many languages).

Infoshop News - Your source for news that really matters
Excellent source for anarchist and radical news.

Solidarity Newswire - anarchosyndicalism.org news
For labour and revolutionary unionism news.

Independent Media Center
Essential source for independent reporting on demos and the news (plus extensive discussions) from many perspectives. Has links to indymedia sites for individual countries and North American regions and cities. Some Indymedia sites are better than others, so be warned!

anarchoMEDIA - Anarchist/Anti-Authoritarian News and Resources for Ireland
Name says it all!

enrager.net :: newswire
More anarchist news from a website based in the UK.

Anarchist Web-pages

English language web-pages by either individual anarchists and libertarian socialists or by groups not part of a bigger organisation.

Defining Anarchism
Excellent short introduction to anarchism and anarchist theory and history.

An Introduction to Anarchism
Short but well done introduction to what anarchism is and what it is not.

Libertarian Socialism
Articles on libertarian socialism and anarchism, including a short but excellent FAQ on those subjects. Site includes papers on both Guild Socialism and market syndicalism, among other things.

Spunk Press Home
One of the largest archive of anarchist texts on the net. Recommended. Also check out the Spunk Library General Subject Index which has a really cool subject and author index and this address, Spunk Press Home, for the old archive.

Anarchistes sur le web/Anarchist on the web
Excellent collection of anarchist links (in France and English).

A People's Libertarian Index.
Index page for many excellent anarchist webpages.

Anarchy - Mid Atlantic Infoshop
Great resource for all things anarchist. Recommended. Has mirror here.

Anarchist People of Color Website: The Revolution Will Not Be Mayo-nized
Excellent webpage.

Anarchy for Anybody
Excellent web-site on basic anarchist ideas and recent news. Fine use of humour to attack the enemies of freedom.

Liberty For the People
E-texts relevent to anarchist/libertarian socialist theory, philosophy and history. Excellent resource.

Seattle Anarchism and Revolution Page
The nice anarchist webpage based in Seattle, USA.

Good academic introduction and description of anarchism and anarchist ideas.

The Seed home page
Uk Alternative Information page. Links to many UK based anarchist resources.

An Anarchy Home Page
Links to anarchist and anarchist (and non-anarchist) related sites.

Excellent webpage containing an extensive series of links on anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism and much more!

The Memory Hole
Individualist Anarchist web-page. Useful resource on the minority trend within the anarchist movement.

Anarchy Punk !!!REVOLUTION NOW!!! Ska Anti-Facism
Anarcho-punk web-site.

Andrew's Course in Anarchy
Introduction to anarchism. Basic, but generally good.

BURN! Nothing ever burns down by itself.
Excellent site on anarchist art. Has anarchist posters from the Spanish Revolution and Paris '68 among other things. Recommended.

Anarchist Sampler
Excellent collection of anarchist quotes on a wide range of subjects. Includes the excellent essay Between Anarchism and Libertarianism.

Mark/Space: Anachron City: Library: Keywords: anarchy
List of anarchist books and links with a chronology of anarchism.

The Platform and the International anarchist movement
Introduction to the ideas of The Platform, the Platformist tradition and the anarchist groups which apply it today.

Anarchist Information - Australia
Australian anarchist web-page.

cat@lyst Main Menu
A Temporary Autonomous Zone based in Sydney, Australia. Low tech grass roots net access for real people. Also to be found here

The Resistance Page
Has extensive and well organised links to various anarchist topics.

Anarchist computer network based in Australia.

On Gogol Boulevard
New York based anarchist information bulletin for networking East and West alternatice oppositions.

AERO Home Page
Anarchist Education Resource Organisation Home page. has links to introductory texts on anarchism.

Anarchy Now!
Good resource for anarchist links and articles.

Collectivist Libertarianism
List of anarchist webpages (shame about the name).

Emma's Place - Another fun anarchist site
Yet another site devoted to online anarchy. Includes a page on anarchist humour. Just proving that anarchists are not serious revolutionaries all the time. Has the infamous herbal tea joke... Plus the Anarchist Encyclopedia Project and other useful pages.

Eco-anarchist web-page.

Freedom now
Increase your liberty by visiting this site.

Dave X. Pooh's Area
Nice introduction to anarchism, plus links on other subjects.

BUNYIP WEBSITE a mutual aid site
Name says it all. Worth checking out and has links to many important issues (such as Australian Aboriginal issues).

Anarchism Study Group
Excellent webpage about finding out about anarchism, based in Quebec, Canada.

Anarchist Study Resources
Contains links to many anarchist articles (plus one by Lenin!). Also contains the e-zine Slavery!

Struggle in Ireland
An anarchist analysis of struggles for freedom going on in Ireland.

Short and to the point introduction to anarchy and anarchist ideas.

Information about Anarchism
Anarchist articles and links. Contains a chapter of Bob Black's new book Anarchy after Leftism plus other articles on anarchist theory and history. Plus really cool anarcho-Simpsons graphic!.

fnord forever!
Sennaca's Anarcho-Communist Page.

Feenicks' Anarchist PAGE
Information and links on a range of subjects, such as Bolivian miners!

Welcome to John's Homepage!
Links to various anarchist pages and articles.

the Worldwide Cooperative Anarchy Movement
Name says it all!

Anarchist Propaganda
Archive of anarchist articles and information on many subjects useful for anarchist activists.

The Libertarian Socialist Navigator
Good introduction to anarchism and anarchist ideas. Has a section on anarcha-feminism.

World Wide Anarchism
Extensive links to anarchist sites.

Entrance to Anarchy: the only solution
Information about anarchy and anarchism. Nice (but graphic intensive!)

What's anarchy?
Find out what anarchy is and why you should be an anarchist (its shorter than the FAQ!). Plus links to Calvin and Hobbes!

Above Suspicion; Stealing from the Store of Pre-Packaged Culture
Anarchist articles, rants and links.

Anarchist Web Directory -Home
Articles and images about anarchism, plus an extensive links page

Home page for Proudhon
The Pierre J. Proudhon Memorial Computer! Has extensive links and articles, including the Anarchist Library

Index to the Revolt Collection of struggles in Ireland
Excellent collection of anarchist webpages (individuals and groups).

Creationist Anarcho-Socialism
Religious anarchist webpage. Jesus as anarchist-socialist!

An Eco-Anarchists Page (Environmental Anarchism)
Name says it all. Find out about eco-anarchism.

Home of the Watermelon Poet
Eco-anarchist look at poetry, politics, our environments and more.

Song of the March Hare
Good anarchist webpage with a slight Alice in Wonderland feel about it. Excellent link pages.

Index to the Revolt Collection
A collection of webpages for a variety of Irish struggles, from an anarchist perspective.

Mutual Aid website!

Bellatria and Pucks Home Page
Yet another anarchist webpage at geocities! Good links.

Anarchist Action Network
Sick and tired of anarchists and anarchism being misrepresented in the media? Then visit this webpage -- time to secure justice and fair treatment for anarchy! Excellent site.

The Sieve: Steve K's Home Pages
Anarchist texts and links to anarchist and other sites

Anarchocommie's Home Page
A Communist-Anarchist's home page, strangely enough! Links and essays.

Rebels Home Page
Sheffield (England) based anarchist webpage.

So many porcupines, so little time...
A webpage with more than a dash of anarchism about it.

Social Anarchists International
Webpage about social anarchism. Includes a mirror of the FAQ.

Spiritual Anarchy
Interesting selection of links to anarchist and non-anarchist webpages.

This is a resource of activists, anarchists and anti-authoritarians (among others) in the Baltimore metropolitan area in the USA.

The Veganarchy HomePages!
Find out about anarchism and veganism.

Anarchism in Canada
Find out about anarchism in Canada. Site also has a mirror of the anarchist FAQ.

Find out about anarchism in Australia. The Melbourne node of the Australian @Net anarchist computer network. Excellent site!

New Tolpuddle Anarchist
Australian based anarchist page. Has information on anarchism, law, religion and other strange Associations.

Nice looking webpage on anarchism. Seems to be mainly Social Ecologist in nature.

Anarchist and other perspectives
Collection of interesting articles and essays on anarchism and other subjects.

Libertarian Communist Scrapbook
Contains interesting articles on Libertarian Communism.

That Funky Poetic Anarchist
Anarchism, poetry and other stuff.

lazosubverto's Home Page
Situationist-anarchist webpage. Looks impressive!

Very impressive anarchist webpage. Contains a Situationist International Archive, "Mr. Block" cartoons and much much more.

Excellent selection of links to various anarchist authors. Very well laid out.

Real Anarchy
Anarchist webpage with a short definition of anarchism.

Action through Anarchy
Very nice looking social anarchist webpage.

Anarchism and nationalism
Anarchist perspectives on nationalism and ethnic conflict. Includes the work of such people as Rudolf Rocker.

The Light of Anarchy
Webpage dedicated to flag burning. Contains flag burning posters.

Libertarian Socialism (Anarchism)
US based anarchist webpage.

A Queer/Homopage at equi.iww.org
A Radical Queer Labor Page from the IWW.

Collection of articles and links about anarchism

(An) Anarchy Home Page
Webpage with a useful series of links and articles.

Anarchism and Freedom
Nice looking webpage with links to other anarchist sites.

Welcome to Rebel's home
Excellent looking webpage with links and articles on anarchist subjects.

Anarchism: What is it?
An anarcho-pacifist webpage with an impressive selection of quotes and articles.

The Libertarian Communist Home Page
Excellent libertarian communist (i.e. anarchist) webpage. Extensive links to articles, pamphlets, posters, etc.

The Resistance Page
Nice page with links to other sites and articles.

Center for Anarchist Propaganda "Errico Malatesta"
Impressive anarcho-situationist webpage.

Anarchism and Punk
An Anarcho-Punk webpage.

Links and articles on anarchism and punk.

(I)An-ok's Homepage of devious subversion and ultimate rebellion
Impressive webpage with links and articles.

Great site listing whats happening on-line in the Australian anarchist scene.

Poetry in Revolt
A collection of anarchist poetry

a libertarian labyrinth - front page
An open-ended site for gathering, archiving, organizing and interpreting historical material related to anarchism in its various forms.

Anarchist-Communist Theory and Practice
An excellent anarcho-communist page with many essays and links.

Professing: Dennis Fox's Home Page
Webpage of a Critical/Humanistic Psychologist which includes articles about anarchism and psychology.

Paolo Chiocchetti's Homepage
Excellent webpage. Many anarchist links and articles.

Anarchism from HK
Anarchist webpage from Hong Kong. Many articles and links.

Ken's Temporary Autonomous Zone
Excellent collection of anarchist writings and links. Nice looking pages.

Anarchist Resources Online
An excellent collection of anarchist and anarchist related links. Nice looking pages.

Mediaucracy Main Page
Useful selection of anarchist and related webpages.

The Corrupt Party
An anarchist anti-election webpage from the North of England.

Anarchist webpage with many articles, news and links.

Anarchist Resistance Network
Name says it all.

Queensland Anarchism creates Happy Anarchy
Excellent webpage. Includes many articles and essays.

commie zero zero
Webpage for the exploration of the connecting points between anarchism and libertarian marxism, the exploration of class struggle and from these the creation of a theoretical behaviour capable of helping us move toward libertarian communism (aka real communism, anarchy).

Killing King Abacus
Excellent Anarchist webpage. Lots of links and articles.

No Control
Links to anarchist sites of interests.

Anarchist anti-war page.

Third Eye
News and analysis from a group of anarcho-marxists in New Zealand

Alaskanarchy - Your guide to anarchy in Alaska
Name says it all.

New Jersey Anarchist Workers
Name says it all.

Excellent collection of anarchist, ecological, etc. links useful for activists.

Excellent webpage introduction to Situationist ideas.

Anarchist Archives Project
The Anarchist Archives Project was set up in 1982 for the purpose of collecting and preserving materials documenting the history of anarchism and, in turn, making them available to historians and interested individuals.

Anarchist Hompage - Don't beg for the right to live, take it.
Very good anarchist webpage.

Anarchism and Revolution in The Big Easy
Find out about Anarchism in New Orleans, USA.

ACN- The Anarchist Communitarian Network
Webpage for anarchists interested in "intentional communities" (i.e. forming anarchist communes in capitalist society).

The Resistance Page
Web page which provides information about anarchism and other groups opposed to exploitation.

The Anarchist Encyclopedia
Name says it all!

Stan Iverson Memorial Library
Name says it all!

Generation Terrorists
Good webpage from the USA.

Baseman's site for Education and Liberty
Includes essays on anarchism.

Free Earth - Independant libertarian website
Excellent collection of anarchist essays.

no war but the class war
UK based anarchist/libertarian communist anti-war group.

Nestor McNab's Anarcho-Communist Page
Name says it all!

Anarchist writings from Anarcho
Collection of articles on many subjects -- anti-globalisation, the Russian Revolution, Leninism and much, much more.

Mutualist.Org: Resources and Information on Mutualist Anarchism
Useful resource on Mutualist Anarchism. Has an excellent "Mutualist FAQ."

Anarchism and the left - articles by anarchists about Leninism, Marxism and Social democracy
Name says it all. An excellent collection of anarchist critiques of the left.

infoshop.org - Criticizing the authoritarian Left
Useful collection of anarchist articles on authoritarian socialism.

Raise the Fist
Webpage of Sherman Austin, sentanced to a year in federal prison, three years of probation and a $2,000 fine for, basically, being the webmaster of this website. Support free speech on-line!

An Anti-Authoritarian Webpage
Excellent webpage full of interesting articles and essays.

Anarchist Web-pages (Non-English)

Non-English language web-pages by either individual anarchists and libertarian socialists or by groups not part of a bigger organisation.

Anarchist and Related Links in Spanish & Portuguese
Extensive listing of Spanish and Portuguese webpages (as you may have guessed!)

Anarchism in Belgium | Anarchisme en Belgique | Anarchisme in Belgie
For all things anarchist in Belgium!

Centro de Contrainformaçăo e Material Anarquista
Brasilian anarchist webpage.

Anarchism in Greece.

Boletim No.18 - Publicaçăo Periódica do Projeto Periferia
Excellent looking Portuguese webpage. Includes a Portuguese translation of our appendix on the symbols of anarchy!

Excellent looking anarchist web-site.

latinos libres - anarquismo en los EEUU
Topics in English and Spanish about the theory, history and current issues of the international anarchist movement.

El Kiosko Libertario
Valencia based anarchist web-site (in Spanish)

Yelah.net Weekly libertarian socialist web-magazine with daily news. 1825 articles and 1610 links...and counting.

!!! P@RaToDoS o e-zine da Revoluçăo !!!
Excellent looking web-site. Plus a short FAQ on anarchism called P@RaToDoS - Anarquismo.

Datenbank des deutschsprachigen Anarchismus. German anarchist webpage.

European Counter Network. Great recource if you read Italian, but also some information in English.

The Actual Anarchist Homepage
Lots of essays and contacts, mostly in Swedish but with some English texts. Has links to anarchistic writings and web-pages.

Home Page d'en Víktor Bautista i Roca
Links on anarchism and ecology.

Bienvenida a FEEL
Spanish Anarchist web-page.

French anarchist web-site.

Libertäre Liga Homepage
Austrian Anarchist site.

Manfred M. Büsings Heimseite
Excellent German anarchist site. Extensive number of links and articles.

German anarchist webpage. Mostly links to other sites.

Zebulon's Page
French anarchist page. Not much there - has links to a few other sites.

A Brazilian anarchist webpage in Portuguese

Anarquismo Hoje
An anarchist webpage in Portuguese

Yahoo! Sverige - Politik och förvaltning:Politik:Politisk opinion:Anarkism
Yahoo's listing for Swedish anarchist sites.

Világ anarchistái egyesüljetek!
Anarchist webpage from Hungary.

Salud Y Anarquia Companero
Excellent anarchist webpage.

Info Usurpa
Spanish anarchist webpage.

Dutch anarchist webpage.

Spanish anarchist website.

Loepa Berlin
German anarchist webpage.

Revolutionsbräuhof/ Anarchistische Buchhandlung
German Anarchist webpage.

Hemsida för den hypnotiserade majoriteten
Very impressive Swedish anarchist webpage.

Anarchist webpage based in Turkey.

Kifla - Svucen's Page
Anarchism in Eastern Europe

Ateneu Libertário Universal
Brazilian webpage which owes alot to the Mid-Atlantic Info Shop!

Açăo Direta - Um Site Anarquista
Anarchist webpage from Brazil.

German anarchist webpage.

Reko's Page - Anarki
Anarchist texts in Indonesian. Plus links to many anarchist and radical webpages.

classwar now! homepage
The homepage of CLASSWAR NOW! CLASSWAR NOW! is an anarchist-communist project by various leftwing radicals in Austria/Europe.

The Ambi web site includes articles for the zines Spawn of Croatan and il frenetico, as well as insurrectionary anarchist articles and links

Anarchive, Russian-language anarchist library on the web
Russian anarchist webpage. One of the few anarchist web-pages in Russian. And it is a (potentially big) library/archive

Spanish Anarchist webpage.

Anarchy in BG
Bulgarian Anarchist Webpage.

Anarchist webpage from Puerto Rico.

Nicely produced French anarchist webpage.

Tout pour deplaire ! / Very to displease !
This is a political analyses and criticisms webzine, written by a small militant core, the Social Circle.

Basque anarchist webpage (in Spanish).

Find out about anarchism in Belgium!

Name says it all. Find out about Japanese anarchism.

Anarchism - Netherlands
Name says it all!

Apoyo Mutuo
Very impressive Spanish language webpage.

Anarcha-Feminist Web-pages

Anarchist homepages with a high anarchafeminist content.

AnarchaFeminism (Anarchist Feminism)
Good web-site on anarcha-Feminism. Contains an excellent introductory essay on the Free Women movement in 1930's Spain.

LUNA 1997
Czech Republic based anarcha-eco-feminist group.

LILITH 14: Inhoud
Anarcha-Feminist magazine from the Netherlands. In Dutch (strangely enough).

Anarcha-Feminist links from the Mid-Atlantic Info-Shop.

ThryWoman's Irrational Rationalist HomePage
Essays and links on anarchism, anarcha-feminism and a whole lot more!

cassandra speaks
A feminist-anarchist visionary site

anarchobabe's fempages
Anarcha-Femininist webpage.

Anarchist and Libertarian Socialist Organisations

Home pages for anarchist and libertarian socialist groups and federations.


Anarchist Yellow Pages
Webpages, e-mail and snail mail addresses for anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist groups across the world. Very comprehesive. If you cannot find an organisation or group here, try the yellow pages!

International of Anarchist Federations (IFA)
Information on the IFA, including its politics, history and member federations.

Links for the many anarchist, anarcho-syndicalist and libertarian socialist groups and organisations across the world.

Index of anarchists and anarchism around the world
Useful collection of links for anarchist groups across the world.

The Agitator
A directory of autonomous, non-hierarchical groups, centres, bookshops and other organisations lists contacts throughout the known world, as well as all the original contacts and more from Britain and Ireland.

Links for many anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist organisations across the world. Part of the Leftist Parties of the World Webpage.

Britain and Ireland

The Workers Solidarity Movement : Ireland - Anarchist organisation
Official Homepage of the Irish anarchist group. Another webpage is All about Anarchism which has extensive articles on various aspects of anarchist ideas and history as well as anarchist analysis of current events. Has a large section on Irish politics. Yet another WSM site can be found here and

Anarchist Federation
Web site for the British revoluntionary Anarchist organisation.

Manchester AF
Manchester branch of the UK's Anarchist Federation.

Anarchist Federation
Anarchist Federation Ireland
Name says it all!

Class War
Class War
Webpages for the UK based anarchist group Class War. Also see This Is Class War - What we believe. The Class War Federation.

London Class Struggle Gridlock
Webpage of a number of class struggle anarchist, feminist and libertarian communist hroups in London, England.

Scottish Anarchist Network
Homepage for the SAN. Name says it all.

Movement against the Monarchy
Anarchist group aiming to get rid of the British Monarchy and other parasites.

Anarchist group based in the North East of England

A network which aims to co-ordinate the activity of anarchists in Trade Unions in the UK. Join their mailing list at ListBot - @TU Home Page.

Nottingham Association of Subversive Activists
Webpage of the local anarchist group in Nottingham, England.

Haringey Solidarity Group
Libertarian inspired community organisation in London, Britain.

Glasgow University Anarchists
Name says it all!

WOMBLES: White Overalls Movement Building Libertarian Effective Struggles WOMBLES: White Overalls Movement Building Libertarian Effective Struggles
Group designed to build effective libertarian socialist struggle. Inspired by the Italian Ya Basta! movement.

UK based libertarian direct action group.

Openly Classist
Project by working class people from the North of England and the North of Ireland. Their celebratory web site will cover all kinds of areas, from: strikes, art, music, working class writers, deaths at work, etc etc. It includes current discussion around class and culture issues.

Surrey Activist Group
A group of anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-hierarchy direct action activists in Surrey, England.

Aberdeen Anarchist Resistance
Scottish Anarchist group.

Anarchist Youth Network
Anarchist Youth Network: Britain & Ireland
Name says it all. For UK based anarchist youths.

Anarchist Federation Alba
Homepage of the Anarchist Federation in Scotland.

No War but the Class War (NWBTCW) | Homepage
Webpage of anarchists and libertarian Marxists who want to present a revolutionary opposition to capitalist war.

Anarchist Communism in Manchester
Homepage of the AF in the north of England.

Anarchist Workers' Network
Homepage of the AWN, for anarchists active in the British union movement. Join their mailing list here

Surrey Anarchist Group
Anarchist group based in the south-east of England.

Home Page of Dublin Anarchist Prisoner Support
Name says it all!

Mainland Europe

Federation of Communist Anarchists (FdCA)
Italian revoluntionary Anarchist organisation.

F.A.I. - Federazione Anarchica Italiana
Home page of the Italian Anarchist Federation.

Alternative Libertaire
The Bretagne section of the French Anarchist group.

Federation Anarchiste -- Le site web de la Federation anarchiste francophone
Web-site of the French Anarchist Federation.

Federation anarchiste - Strasbourg
Homepage of the French Anarchist Federation group in Strasbourg.

Drapeau Noir
An anarchist group based in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Budapest Autonom Tarsulas (BAT)
Anarchist group based in Hungary (texts in Hungarian and English).

The Polish Anarchist Federation
Homepage of the Polish Anarchists.

Nie Oficjalna Strona Anarcho-Komunistycznej Organizacji Platform
Unofficial Site of the Anarchist-Communist Organizational Platform of Poland. A site by a group of Polish anarchists interested in the Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists. Includes a new Polish translation of the Platform.

Loepa Berlin - Homepage english
German autonomous group. English language pages can be found here.

Zagrebacki anarhisticki pokret
Anarchist group based on Zagreb, Croatia.

AFD: Anarchistische Föderation in Deutschland
German Anarchist Federation (member of the IFA).

Ceskoslovenská anarchistická federace
CSAF - Ceskoslovenska anarchisticka federace
Homepage of the Czech Anarchist Federation.

Organizace revolucních anarchistu - Solidarita
Revolutionary Anarchist Group in the Czech Republic.

Alternative Libertaire Francophone
Belgium Libertarian Socialist group.

Le libertaire
Webpage for the French Anarchist Group (in French, unsurprisingly!)

Federacion Anarquista Iberica
Federacion Anarquista Iberica (FAI)
Webpages of the famous Anarchist Federation of Iberia.

Federación Iberica de Juventudes Libertarias
Webpage of the Federation of Libertarian Youth, Iberia (Spain and Portugal).

Spanish anarchist foundation.

Groupe Libertaire Francisco Ferrer
Webpage for a French Anarchist group which is affliated to the French Anarchist Federation.

Movimento Anarchico Italiano - Dio Gino
Webpage for Italian Anarchic Movement (MAI). Has hundreds of texts about anarchism, mostly available in English and Italian.

Webpage for Italian Anarchist Group.

Coordinadora Libertaria de Madrid
Federation of anarchist groups based in Madrid, Spain. Nice looking webpage.

Anarkistinen Musta Risti
The Anarchist Black Cross in Finland.

Ghost of Revolution
Web-page of the Russian Anarchist information group "An-Press". The main subjects of the site: anarchism, anti-fascism, people's revolutionary movements in the contemporary world, the history and development of libertarian ideas, philosophy, activities and organizations of anarchists in Russia and other countries, and also the lastest news from the struggle with state and authorities.

PRIAMA AKCIA - Slovenská Anarchokomunistická Organizácia Práce
Homepage of Direct Action - Anarcho-communist Organisation of Labour from Slovakia.

Back to the Streets
Webpage of the Greek group "Back to the Streets." For more anarchist groups in Greece, visit www.anarchy.gr

Alternative Network for Eastern Europe
Contains links to anarchist groups based in Eastern Europe, plus details of a mailing list to help to coordinate anarchist activities there.

Actiunea Anarhista in Romania
Webpage of Romanian anarchist group.

Middle east

About Anarchism in Turkey: Turkiye'de Anarsizm
Webpage on anarchism in Turkey and North Kurdistan.

Turkish Anarchist webpage.

Libertarians, the left and the Middle East
Notes towrds an alternative history. Summary of anarchist and left-wing influences in the Middle East. Has links to webpages and articles on this subject.

Anarcho-Communism Web Page
Homepage of the Istanbul Social Ecology Group. Good short introduction to anarchism.

Al Badil al Taharouri - Anarchism in the Lebanoen
This is a 'unoffical' page of information about the Lebonese anarchist group Al Badil al Taharouri. They are linked with the French group Alternative Libertaire.

The Americas

NEFAC North Eastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists
NEFAC North Eastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists
Federation des communistes libertaires du Nord-Est Americain (Francais)
Class Struggle Anarchist Federation in North East America and Canada.

AnarchoHood: North America
A quick guide to anarchy and anarchists in North America.

Anarchist Groups Of New York
Anarchist Groups around the New York area of the United States.

Website for the (now no more?) revolutionary anarchist group based in Mexico and the USA.

RAY Entrance Page
Excellent home page for the Revolutionary Anarchist Youth based in Northampton, MA, USA.

CRAYON: Chicago-area Radical Anarchist
Homepage of the Chicago-area Radical Anarchist Youth Organizing Network (CRAYON).

Homes Not Jails Boston
Free the land, squat the world. Home page of the Boston direct action group which aims to end homelessness by squatting.

British Columbia Anarchist Association
Very strange Canadian anarchist webpage.

An anarchist collective based in Michigan, USA.

Heatwave CAF
Communist-anarchist group based in and around Dallas/Fort Worth in the USA. Good, short, introduction to communist-anarchist ideas.

the institute for social ecology
Home page for the ISE, the place where Murray Bookchin teaches (yes, you can get a degree in anarchism!). Find out about the home of social ecology, one of the current threads in anarchist thought which has provoked quite a few discussions.

Los Angeles Anarchists
Name says it all. Home page for anarchists in LA, USA.

Chicano Anarchists and Left Libertarians
Name says it all. Based in LA, USA.

Anarchist group based in Cambridge, New England, USA. Site includes articles from their paper, We Dare to be Free.

An anarchist collective based in Baltimore, MD. The site has samples of articles from their paper, as well as news and analysis of all sorts of other issues.

Organización Anarquista Libertad
Anarchist Organisation from Argentina.

Congreso de Unificación Anarco-Comunista
An unoffical page of material from and about the Unification Congress of Anarcho-Communists - Chile

Groupe Anarchiste Emile Henry
French Speaking Anarchist group from Quebec, Canada.

Groupe anarchiste Main Noire
French Speaking Anarchist group from Montreal, Canada.

Free Earth
US based eco-anarchist group.

Anarchist Black Cross - Los Angeles
Los Angeles based Anarchist Black Cross Group.

Anarchist Liberty Union
US based anarchist group.

Food Not Bombs!
One of the biggest libertarian groups in the USA. Based on using direct action to eliminate poverty and hunger and create a free society.

Anarchy and Activism in New Orleans
Name says it all!

Dead End Project Fulfilled Collective
Anarchist group based in Eugene, USA.

Resist Corporate Rule
A network of people in Victoria, British Columbia who support alternatives to the reformist/nationalistic agendas that dominate campaigns against global capitalism.

Hope Liberty Association
An activist and anarchist collective working in Port Hope, Ontario and surrounding area.

Anarchist Student Union
Name says it all!

Phoenix Anarchist Coalition
Excellent looking webpage from the PAC.

The Connecticut Anti-Nationalist Party
Anarchist group in Connecticut, USA.

The Baltimore Anarchist Resource
Name says it all!

Red & Black Notes Homepage
Libertarian socialist project based in Toronto, Canada.

Brousse Collective
Libertarian Communist group.

Minnesota Anarchists and Anti-authoritarians
Name says it all!

Mile High Resistance
Anarchist group from Colorado (USA).

Northwest Anarchist Prisoner Support Network
Organisation to support anarchist and other class struggle prisoners.

The Toronto Black Touta Anarchist Collective
Anarchist group based in Toronto.

Federaçăo Anarquista Gaúcha
Webpage of the Brazilian Platformist anarchist group.

Homepage of the Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives. Based in mid-USA and includes branches in Chicago and Cleveland.

Baam - The Black Flag Of Boston
Anarchist group based in Boston, USA.


African Anarchism, freedom and revolution in Africa
Find out about anarchism and anarchist groups in Africa.

The Zabalaza Site - A Website of Southern African Anarchism
Name says it all! Excellent webpage, full of great resources. Recommended.

The Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation's Home Page
Southern Africa based class struggle anarchist federation.

Australia and New Zealand

Angry People Home Page
For a strong, united working class. Australian based revolutionary, class struggle anarchist group.

The Wildcat Collective
Anarchist group based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Committee for the Establishment of Civilisation homepage
The Wellington branch of the Anarchist Alliance of Aotearoa.

3rdEye homepage
A project offering news, views and abuse from Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud.

Class War in Auckland, Aotearoa
Excellent anarchist webpage for Auckland based anarchist group.


Korean Anarchist Network
Name says it all!

Jakarta Anarchist Resistance
Name says it all!


Homepage of The Anarchy Organisation. Contains numerous anarchist webpages.

Forever In Struggle: Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War in the United States, the Movement for Freedom and the Anarchist Black Cross Federation.
Home Page of the Anarchist Prisoner Support Network.

Anarchist Black Cross
Anarchist Prisoner Support Network.

Communitas - Home Page
Anarchist news service.

Black Cross Health Collective
First Aid for Radicals and Activists. They hope that the information available on this web site will help you to be safer and stronger in your activism.

All People Equal - Anarchy Against Bigotry
Name says it -- anarchist anti-racist webpage.

Institute for Anarchist Studies
Institute for Anarchist Studies
Webpage on anarchism and researching anarchist ideas and history.

Anarcho-Syndicalist and Syndicalist Web-pages

Web-pages by individual syndicalists and anarcho-syndicalists.

Mike Ballard's Home page
Home page of Industrial Worker of the World Mike B.

Fredrik Bendz' philosophy: Socialism
Excellent homepage with a nice introduction to syndicalism in it. Plus links to many free thought sites and essays.

Anarcho-Syndicalism 101
Anarcho-Syndicalism 101
Excellent site on anarcho-syndicalism (also known as Revolutionary Unionism 101). Contains many of the basic introductions to anarcho-syndicalist ideas and history, such as Rocker's Anarcho-syndicalism, and accounts of anarcho-syndicalism in action (such as the organisation and history of the CNT, an account of the Aragon collectives and so on). Recommended. A mirror can be found here

Ben's Anarcho-syndicalist webpage
IWW members webpage from Australia. Links to many anarchist and syndicalist webpages.

Large collection of links about anarcho-syndicalism ideas and organisations.

Homepage of Brian O. Sheppard x349393
Another webpage by a Wobbly. Contains an indepth analysis of Bolshevism in reality versus its rhetoric (entitled "Lying for Leninism")

Anarcho-Syndicalist and Revolutionary Unions and Organisations

Home pages of anarcho-syndicalist and other revolutionary unions and groups.

Official webpage of the International Workers Association, an organisation linking anarcho-syndicalist and revolutionary syndicalist groups and unions across the world.

Rebel Worker
Paper of the Australian Section of the Anarcho-Syndicalist International Workers Association

Workers Solidarity Alliance
Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA)
U.S. Section of the Anarcho-Syndicalist International Workers Association. Also has a webpage here.

Confédéracion Nationale du Travail (CNT)
French Section of the Anarcho-Syndicalist International Workers Association.

Freie ArbeiterInnen Union (FAU)
German Section of the Anarcho-Syndicalist International Workers Association.

Confederacion National del Trabajo (CNT)
Spanish Section of the Anarcho-Syndicalist International Workers Association. For an "unofficial" page check out here.

Unione Sindacale Italiana (USI)
Home U.S.I. ecn
Italian Section of the Anarcho-Syndicalist International Workers Association

Solidarity Federation
British section of the anarcho-syndicalist International Workers Association.

Solidarity Federation Manchester Group Homepage
Manchester section of the British Solidarity Federation

South West Solidarity Federation
South West Solidarity
South West England section of the British Solidarity Federation

Federace sociálních anarchistu (Federation of social anarchists)
Home page of the Czech IWA Section.

Switz section of the IWA.

Industrial Workers of the World Resource Directory
Home Page of the Syndicalist Union the IWW. Also look here for a comprehesive IWW branch listing. Another IWW page can be found here.

Portland GMB, Industrial Workers of the World.
Home page of the Portland, USA, branch of the wobblies.

IWW Baltimore GMB
Webpage of the Baltimore Wobblies.

Industrial Workers of the World Lawrence
Webpage of the Lawrence Wobblies.

Australian IWW home page
Name says it all!

Edmonton IWW Homepage
IWW branch in Edmonton, Canada.

Aderisci all' Industrial Workers of the World
The IWW in Italy.

Tampa Bay Area General Membership Group, IWW
Name says it all!

Industrial Workers of the World
Homepage of the British section of the IWW.

Homepage of the IWW in Scotland.

Workers Solidarity (South Africa)
Home page for the South African anarchist-syndicalist group, the Workers' Solidarity Federation. Old site can be found here. Contains articles from their magazine, Workers' Solidarity.

The Awareness League (Nigeria)
Introduction to the Nigerian anarcho-syndicalist group.

Anarcho-Syndicalist Group of Melbourne
Melbourne (Australia) based Anarcho-Syndicalist Group.

Confederacion General del Trabajo (CGT)
Home Page of the Spanish anarcho-syndicalist union the CGT.

Sac Syndikalisterna
SAC - Syndikalisterna (Umeĺ LS)
Central Organisation of Swedish Workers (SAC)
Home Pages of the Swedish syndicalist union the SAC.

Syndikalistiska Ungdomsförbundet
Syndikalistiska Ungdomsförbundet - LUND
SUF - Gavle
Syndikalistiska Ungdomsförbundet - GISLAVED
Swedish based anarchosyndicalist group. Part of the syndicalist SAC.

Syndikalist Ungdoms Förbund
Swedish syndicalist youth organisation.

Anarcho-Syndicalist Coalition Against Imperialism
Information about ASCAI and anarcho-syndicalism.

People for a Free Society
People For A Free Society (PFAFS) is a Non-profit Anarcho-syndicalist collective based in East Los Angeles, CA.

Confederación Sindical SOLIDARIDAD OBRERA
Webpage of another Spanish anarcho-syndicalist union.

Syndicalist Solidarity Network - Ireland
Name says it all.

ASF City and South Local
Australian Anarcho-Syndicalist Group.

Organise! Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation
Organise! Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation
Home page of the Northern Ireland based anarcho-syndicalist group.

KC Industrial Workers of the World
Kansas City branch of the IWW.

Anarchist and Anarcho-Syndicalist Web-Page Rings

Anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist web-page rings. These links contain information on how to join.

Welcome to the Anarchy, Anarchism & Libertarian Socialism Ring!
Web-page ring for anarchist sites.

Anarcho-Syndicalist Ring
Web-page ring for anarcho-syndicalist sites and organisations.

Self-Management Ring
Extensive list of webpages on the topic of self-management, a key idea of anarchism.

Anarchy Ring!
An attempt to get all the anarchist web-pages into a common link rink.

Anarcho-Punk Web Ring
Place to go to find anarcho-punk related web-pages.

The Pansexual Sex-Positive Libertarian Socialist Webring
This Webring consists of websites which are pansexual, sex-positive, and are Libertarian Socialist (anarchist) in nature, or derivative fellow travellers.

Anarchist and Libertarian Papers and Magazines

On-line anarchist, libertarian and revolutionary unionist journals, papers, newsheets and magazines.

Workers Solidarity
Paper of the Irish Anarchist Organisation, the WSM, along with other publications.

Red and Black Revolution
Exellent magazine of the Irish Anarchist Organisation, the WSM

Black Flag
Excellent British based anarchist magazine. Recommended.

Direct Action
Magazine of the British Section of the IWA, the Solidarity Federation.

Quarterly theoretical journal of the British Class Struggle Anarchist Organisation, the Anarchist Federation.

resistance is the monthly agitational bulletin of the British Anarchist Federation.

Counter Information
Counter Information is a free newsheet detailing class struggle across the globe from an anarchist perspective. Tells the truth of the many struggles that the capitalist press ignores. Based in Scotland.

British Anarchist Paper, started in 1886 by Kropotkin

Social Anarchism
Social Anarchism Online
Archive for the US anarchist magazine. Well worth checking out.

The New Formulation: An Anti-Authoritarian Review of Books
Excellent source for anarchist book reviews.

Industrial Worker
Paper of the revoluntary union, the I.W.W.

Ideas and Action (WSA-IWA)
Web-site has articles from Ideas and Action, paper of the U.S. anarcho-syndicalist group Workers Solidarity Alliance as well as related material.

Anarchist Studies
Journal concerned with all aspects of anarchist theory, history and culture.

Rebel Worker Magazine
Paper of the Australian anarcho-syndicalist group, the ASF-IWA

Anarchist News
Free newsheet of the Irish anarchist group, the WSM.

Practical Anarchy Online
Name says it all really. Excellent home page for a great magazine!

Anarchist Age - W.W.W.
Anarchist Age
Australian based anarchist paper.

Kaurapuuro - Sisällys
An anarchist cultural magazine from Finland. Aims to inspire people to discuss and create a world based on voluntary co-operation and mutual aid.

Le Combat Syndicaliste
Paper of the French anarcho-syndicalist union the CNT-AIT

Le Monde libertaire -- Organe de la Federation anarchiste
Webpage for the French anarchist paper.

Umanitŕ Nova - Settimanale Anarchico
Webpage of the weekly Italian Anarchist Paper.

Solidaridad Obrera
Webpage of Workers' Solidarity, paper of the Spanish C.N.T.

Tierra y Libertad
Webpage of Land and Liberty, paper of the F.A.I. (Anarchist Federation of Iberia).

Kaspahraster Homepage
An anarcho-situationist fanzine. For the revolution of everyday life.

Anarchist magazine of culture and intervention from Portugal.

The Raven
Home page and articles from Freedom Press' quarterly journal.

Direkte Aktion
Home page and articles from the paper of the German anarcho-syndicalists the FAU.

Democracy & Nature: The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy
Democracy & Nature: The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy
Democracy & Nature: The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy
International journal of libertarian socialist, anarchist, social ecologist and other thought. Included in past issues articles by the likes of Murray Bookchin and Noam Chomsky.

Tidningen BRAND
Swedish anarchist magazine.

Anarcho-Syndicalist Review - Anarchosyndicalist Ideas and Discussion
US based anarcho-syndicalist magazine. Contains articles on many different issues and events - including articles on anarchist economics, union organising and so on. Used to be called Libertarian Labour Review

IAS Newsletter - Perspectives on Anarchist Theory
IAS Newsletter
Publication of the Institute for Anarchist Studies. Pretty interesting selection of articles and interviews.

Anarchist newsletter produced in Baltimore, USA. Very good it is too.

Eat the State!
A forum for anti-authoritarian political opinion, research and humour.

Greek Anarchist Newspaper. Nice looking site!

la mistoufle
Webpage of the anarchist newspaper of the same name. Produced by an anarchist group based on Dijon, France.

Communist Anarchy
Irregularly produced anarchist zine.

Alternative Libertaire
Belgium anarchist paper.

The Answer
Webpage of Ahimsa, an anarcho-pacifist zine based in North America. Large number of articles.

Alternative Press Review - Zines - Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream
Useful American based anarchist magazine.

Venomous Butterfly
Venomous Butterfly
Magazine based in San Francisco, California, USA.

Revista Polemica
Barcelona, Spain/Catalonia, based anarchist paper.

The Northeastern Anarchist
Magazine of the North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists in North America.

An anarchist culture magazine from Finland.

Schwarzer Faden
Anarchist magazine published in Grafenau, Germany.

An anarchist magazine from the Czech Republic.

Another anarchist magazine from the Czech Republic.

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed
Always interesting US based anarchist magazine.

The Match!
Selections from an Anarchist magazine from the USA.

Spanish language anarchist zine from San Francisco, USA.

Sin Bandera
Spanish anarchist publication, paper of the Coordinadora Libertaria de Madrid

Rivista Anarchica Online
Italian Anarchist Magazine. Contains some English translations of articles and summaries.

Harbinger, A Journal of Social Ecology
Harbinger, A Journal of Social Ecology, publishes analysis relevant to the growing social ecology movement and news of the activities of the Institute for Social Ecology.

Anarchist news and views from Aotearoa/NZ

Do or Die - Voices from the Ecological Resistance
Excellent UK based ecological/direct action/anarchist journal.

Arsenal Magazine Home Page
Anarchist Magazine from the US.

Excellent anarcho-situationist magazine (from the USA). Now with European mirror site.

Los Angeles (USA) Anarchist Newsletter

Zabalaza (struggle)
South African revolutionary anarchist magazine

Onward Anarchist Newspaper
Excellent looking anarchist paper!

Criminal Anarchy
US based revolutionary anarchist zine.

The New Formulation - An Anti-Authoritarian Review of Books
Name says it all!

Welcome to Barricada Online
North American anarchist magazine.

The Utopian
US based anarchist magazine.

Fifth Estate
Promoting Rebellion since 1965! The website of North America's oldest anti-authoritarian periodical. Not much there, more an advert for the paper than anything else.

Anarchist and Libertarian Books and Pamphlets

On-line anarchist books and pamphlets - from the classics to more recent works.

Anarchism: Arguments for and against -- by Albert Meltzer
Short but excellent introduction to anarchist ideas by a leading activist in the British anarchist movement.

Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism -- by Alexander Berkman
Classic introduction to the ideas of Communist Anarchism, written by a leading activist. Recommended.

Anarcho-Syndicalism -- by Rudolf Rocker
Classic introduction to both anarchism and anarcho-syndicalism.

Anarchism: From Theory to Practice -- by Daniel Guerin.
Anarchism: From Theory to Practice -- by Daniel Guerin.
The complete text of Daniel Guerins excellent history of and introduction to anarchism. A classic.

The Floodgates of Anarchy -- by Albert Meltzer and Stuart Christie
Excellent introduction to (class struggle) anarchist ideas. Still a classic after nearly 30 years. Recommended.

Objections to Anarchism -- by George Barrett
Classic introduction to anarchism in easy "question and answer" format. Recommended.

The Poverty of Statism: Anarchism VS. Marxism
Classic rebutal of Bolshevik nonsense about anarchism by Luigi Fabbri. Recommended.

Marxism, Freedom and the State -- by Micheal Bakunin
Selections of Bakunin's critique of Marxism. A classic statement of the dangers of authoritarian socialism and the need for a libertarian approach to socialism.

Modern Science and Anarchism -- by Peter Kropotkin
Kropotkin's classic essay on anarchism, what it is, where it comes from and how it analyses society. A must read.

Anarchism -- by Peter Kropotkin
Kropotkin's famous 1905 essay on anarchism for The Encyclopedia Britannica. Still an excellent introduction to anarchism.

The Conquest of Bread -- by Peter Kropotkin
Kropotkin's classic vision on how an anarchist revolution would develop and how anarchism would work.

Listen, Marxist! -- by Murray Bookchin
Murray Bookchin's classic critique of Leninism. A must read!

Towards Anarchism -- by Errico Malatesta
Excellent essay by Malatesta on how anarchism is about the here and now and changing it rather than an ideal future.

Beyond Resistance - a Revolutionary Manifesto for the Millennium -- by the AF.
The British Anarchist Federation's ideas on the case for a revolutionary social transformation into to a libertarian society, the outlines of such a society and the role of a globally united anarchist communist movement in this process.

International Workers Association / Asociacion Internacional de los Trabajadores
Principles, goals and statutes of the anarcho-syndicalist union international. Excellent introduction to the ideas and aims of the IWA/AIT and its various sections.

What is Property? An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government. -- by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.
On-line version of Proudhon's famous and classic work. Another version (broken into smaller pieces) can be found here

System of Economical Contradictions: or, the Philosophy of Misery -- by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.
On-line version of another of Proudhon's books against capitalism and for mutualism.

God and the State -- By Micheal Bakunin
Bakunin's classic work on materialism and idealism. Find out why most anarchists do not believe in god.

Mutual Aid - A Factor of Evolution -- by Peter Kropotkin
Kropotkin's classic work on-line. A must read for all anarchists.

The Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists -- by Dielo Trouda (Workers' Cause)
Classic text that initiated the Platformist current in the revolutionary anarchist movement. Authors included Nestor Makhno, Ida Mett and Peter Arshinov (all participants of the Makhnovist movement during the Russian Revolution).

Anarchism: What It Really Stands For -- by Emma Goldman
Emma Goldman's classic introduction to the ideas and ideals of anarchism.

Notes on Anarchism -- by Noam Chomsky
Chomsky's classic introduction to anarchism. The introduction to Daniel Guerin's Anarchism: From Theory to Practice.

Towards a Fresh Revolution -- by The Friends of Durruti.
Produced in Spain in 1937, this is an analysis of the mistakes made by the anarchists during the Spanish Revolution by anarchist militants and a suggestion on how to fix them.

Direct Action -- by Voltairine De Cleyre
Voltairine's classic essay on direct action and why anarchists support it. One of the best introductions to the subject.

Quiet Rumours
Excellent collection of anarcha-feminist articles.

Malatesta on Syndicalism
Extracts from the book The Anarchist Revolution on Errico Malatesta's viewpoints on syndicalism and its relation to anarchism. Very important series of essays and recommended.

Malatesta on the Platform
Malatesta's thoughts on the Platform and anarchist organisation, including a discussion between him and Nestor Makhno on his comments. A very important exchange.

What is Communalism? -- by Murray Bookchin
Excellent essay on the need for social anarchism and the importance of directly democractic social organisation.

The Writings of Camillo Berneri
A few works by the Italian anarchist thinker and activist murdered by the Stalinists during the May Days in Barcelona, 1937.

Peter Kropotkin: His Federalist ideas -- by C. Berneri
Excellent introduction to Kropotkin's ideas on federalism by Berneri.

Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism -- by Murray Bookchin
Bookchin's sometimes over the top analysis and attack on Lifestyle anarchism. Important for its commitment to social action and its restatement of the socialist nature of anarchism. Part's of Bob Black's reply Anarchy after Leftism can be found here and here.

The Ego and His Own -- by Max Stirner
Stirner's classic work on egoism.

The Abolition Of Work -- by Bob Black
Classic essay explaining why work must be abolished. Click here for a html version.
See The Abolition of Work and Other Myths for less optimistic approach to the question of work.

The Libertarian as Conservative -- by Bob Black
Bob Black's brilliant essay exploding the myths that right-Libertarians are radicals, anarchists or even interested in liberty. A must read!

The State: Its Historic Role -- by P.A. Kropotkin.
Kropotkin's classic analysis of the rise of the state.

An Appeal to the Young -- by P.A. Kropotkin.
One of Kropotkin's best known and most inspiring essays. A must read!

Instead of a Book -- by Benjamin R. Tucker
Excerpts from the classic work by the leading US individualist anarchist.

The Political Philosophy of Bakunin -- G.P. Maximoff (ed.)
Extracts from The Political Philosophy of Bakunin on various topics, such as Bakunin thoughts on the nature of the state and the ideas and methods of anarchism.

My Social Credo -- by G.P. Maximoff
Excellent short introduction to the ideas of one of the leading anarcho-syndicalists in the Russian Revolution.

Direct Action -- by Emile Pouget
Classic essay by the French syndicalist thinker and activist.

Libertarian Communism -- by Isaac Puente
Classic introduction to anarchist ideas on a free society by the noted C.N.T. militant and activist who was shot by the fascists in 1936.

Manifesto of Libertarian Communism -- by Georges Fontenis
A excellent and important work written in 1953 by a French anarchist active in Communiste Libertaire.

How to fire your boss
Classic IWW introduction to the forms of direct action which workers can use against their bosses. Essential reading for all working people.

Direct Action in Industry
Good introduction to direct action and organisation in the workplace by the British section of the anarcho-syndicalist IWA. Essential reading for all working people.

Spectacular Times
Situationism for beginners! Excellent short pamphlets on anarchism and the revolution of everyday life. Most by the late Larry Law. Classics.

The Beast of Property -- by Johann Most
Most's famous essay. A classic.

The Soul of Man Under Socialism -- by Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde's classic essay on libertarian socialism and how it will produce a true individualism to replace capitalism's false one. Recommended.

Situationist International Anthology
Useful collection of Situationist Texts.

News From Nowhere, or, An Epoch of Rest -- by William Morris
Morris' classic account of a communist-anarchist utopia on-line!

Study Guide for Ursula LeGuin: The Dispossessed (1974)
LeGuin's The Dispossessed is a recent science fiction account of a communist-anarchist utopia. This study aid provides a good introduction to this classic work.

Enquiry Concerning Political Justice -- William Godwin
On-line version of Godwin's classic good, considered by many as the first book-length account of anarchist theory.

Anarchy and Christianity -- by Jacques Ellul
Interesting discussion of the relationship between anarchism and Christianity. A classic of religious anarchist thought.

The struggle against the state and other essays -- by Nestor Makhno
Collected essays by the most famous Urkainian anarchist ever. Important documents, as they are first translated works by the leading militant of the Makhnovist movement and co-author of the always controversial "Platform."

Proudhon's Bank of the People -- by Charles Dana
Classic introduction to the ideas of Proudhon and mutualist-anarchism.

Anarchism and the National Liberation Struggle -- Alfredo M Bonanno
Classic introduction to anarchist ideas on National Liberation struggles.

On the Poverty of Student Life
Classic Situationist texts.

Everything you wanted to know about anarchism
Good, short, introduction to anarchist ideas.

The Tyranny of Structurelessness -- Jo Freeman
Classic anarcha-feminist essay on the need for clear organisation to eliminate informal domination by small cliques. Essential.

Anarchism and the Black Revolution -- Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
Excellent introduction to anarchist ideas from a working class black perspective.

Proposed Roads to Freedom - Socialism, Anarchism and Syndicalism -- by Bertrand Russell
Classic overview of anarchist, syndicalist and Marxian Socialist ideas by a leading thinker of the 20th century (at the time a follower of Guild Socialism, a syndicalist influenced libertarian socialist movement in Britain). Critical, but sympathetic, introduction to anarchism and syndicalism.

The Miners' Next Step
Classic British syndicalist pamphlet.

Sites on Famous Anarchists

Web-pages on famous anarchists, living and dead.

Prominent Anarchists and Left-Libertarians
Excellent site, with short biographies and pictures of all your favourite anarchists and libertarian socialists (living and dead).

Anarchist Archive
Extensive information on many anarchists, from Bookchin to Malatesta. Recommended!

An Anarchist Reader
Excellent webpage containing essays and links on all the famous anarchists (as well as other texts and links).

Anarchy and Radical Left Wing Thought
Extensive lists of writings from numerous famous anarchists.

Biographies and writings of well known anarchists
The place to find out more about famous anarchists and to get a feel for their work.

The Noam Chomsky Archive
Extensive and well organised archive of works by and about Noam Chomsky.

Bad News: Noam Chomsky Archive
Another Noam Chomsky Archive.

Max Stirner
A web-site about the arch-egoist Max Stirner. Contains e-texts of his less famous works along with his classic The Ego and Its Own.

Emma Goldman
Excellent webpage on Emma Goldman, one of America's greatest anarchists. Includes many of her essays.

The Emma Goldman Papers (DL SunSITE)
The Emma Goldman papers collection.

Basic Bakunin
Excellent introduction to the ideas of Michael Bakunin. Essential reading for anyone wanting to get an accurate account of Bakunin's theories.

Errico Malatesta: The Biography of an Anarchist
Biography by Max Nettlau of one of the greatest anarchist thinkers and activists ever. Click here for more information about, and works by, Malatesta.

Marie Louise Berneri
Very short Biography of Marie-Louise Berneri, daughter of the Italian anarchist Camillo Berneri. An important anarchist activist in her own right.

Lucy Parsons (1853-1942): The Life of an Anarchist Labor Organizer
Biography of Lucy Parsons, the wife of Haymarket Martyr Albert Parsons. Important activist of the US anarchist movement for over 40 years.

Lucy Parsons Project
Webpage about leading anarchist and IWW activist Lucy Parsons. Includes essays and talks by her.

The Case of Sacco and Vanzetti
70th Anniversary of Sacco and Vanzetti Execution
Sacco and Vanzetti were two Italian anarchists framed in the United States in the early 20s for a robbery and murder they did not commit. In spite of world-wide protest, they were murdered by the state because they were anarchists.

The Sacco and Vanzetti Project
Name says it all!

Kropotkin, Self-Valorization and the Crisis of Marxism by Harry Cleaver
Analysis of Kropotkin's ideas and methodology by an Autonomist Marxist. The author correctly points out Kropotkin's method of analysing social struggle and using this information to inform his anarchist ideas and actions.

Noam Chomsky
Good introductary site on Noam Chomsky. Extensive links to other Chomsky sites.

Joe Hill
Short introduction to the IWW song writer Joe Hill.

Buenaventura Durruti, Libertarian Communist Militant of Spain
Introduction to the life of Durruti, one of the most famous leading militants of the Spanish Anarchist movement. As well as being a worker, union activist and organiser of numerous strikes and insurrections, Durruti led the anarchist militias which liberated 60% of Aragon from the fascists in 1936.

Buenaventura Durruti -- by Peter E Newell
Useful introductory essay on Durruti.

The Nestor Makhno Archive
Nestor Makhno Archive
Excellent collection of articles by and on Nestor Makhno, famous for fighting both White and Red tyranny for anarchism and working class freedom in the Ukraine during the Russian Civil War

The Anarchist Thought of Rudolf Rocker
The Anarchist Thought of Rudolf Rocker
Web-page dedicated to the anarcho-syndicalist activist and writer Rudolf Rocker. Includes biographical information along with on-line versions of his many works (including Anarcho-Syndicalism and Nationalism and Culture).

Organizing for Radical Social Change Voltairine de Cleyre and anarcha-feminism
Voltairine de Cleyre, the Anarchist Tradition and the Political Challenge
Introductionary essays on Voltairine de Cleyre and her ideas.

Camillo Berneri
Biography of the leading anarchist militant Camillo Berneri, who was murdered by the Stalinists during the May Days in Barcelona, 1937.

Francisco Ferrer
Excellent introduction to the life and ideas of Modern School activist, Francisco Ferrer.

Starhawk's Home Page
Webpage of Starhawk, an influential anti-gobalisation activist. Contains excellent reports and analyses of actions.

Lorenzo's blog
Webpage of noted black american anarchist Lorenzo Komboa Ervin.

Joseph Labadie -- Anarchist and Labour Agitor
Webpage about Individualist Anarchist Joseph Labadie. Contains a section of his writings and details of a new book about this influential American anarchist and union activist.

Radical Politics, Radical Love: The Life of Dr. Marie Equi
Webpage about Lesbian anarchist and wobbly Dr. Marie Equi.

William Morris Home Page
Home page of the English libertarian socialist and artist (and friend of Kropotkin) William Morris, author of the classic utopian novel News from Nowhere.

William Blake
The William Blake Page
Webpages devoted to the works of the English poet, painter, engraver and printer. Claimed by many to be a proto-Anarchist

B. Traven
Webpage of the German anarchist who became a world famous author. Works include the Zapata-like Jungle series and other classic class struggle and anti-capitalist works.

Leo Tolstoy
Essays and information about the famous Russian author who was alway a Christian anarcho-pacifist.

George Orwell
George Orwell Homepage
Political Writings of George Orwell
While not an anarchist, Orwell was a democratic socialist with many ideas in common with anarchism. He wrote Homage to Catalonia, one of the best books on the Spanish Revolution. Orwell wanted to join the CNT militia, so that entitles him to being put in this section!

Jacques Ellul
Webpage about the anarcho-Christian Jacques Ellul.

Spunk/library/writers/zerzan - John Zerzan
Works by a leading "Primitivist" anarchist.

Collection of essays by Bob Black.

Lysander Spooner Pages
Website for the individualist anarchist Lysander Spooner. Has links to some of his works.

Contains, in English, articles on and about such french individualist anarchists as E. Armand.

! Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865) Sommaire (0)
Webpage on Proudhon (in French)

Find out more about the likes of Armand and other anti-capitalist individualists.

Anarchist Publishers, Bookshops, Infoshops and Social Centres

Home pages for anarchist social centres and bookshops. Find out about anarchy in action across the world. Also useful for on-line sources for getting anarchist and libertarian books and papers.

Jura Books Collective
Australian based anarchist group and bookshop.

AK Press Homepage
AK Press (Britain)
Home Pages of the anarchist publishers and book distribution service. If you need an anarchist book, this is the place to find it!

Left Bank Books Homepage
Home page for Left Bank Distribution. Produces, amongst other things the situationist classic The Revolution of Everyday Life.

223 Freedom and Mutual Aid Center
Anarchist self-managed centre based in Portland, Oregan, USA.

Blackout Books: Anarchist Politics & Culture in New York City
New York based infoshop.

Barricade Books
Info and bookshop in Melbourne, Australia.

Freedom Press Home Page
Publishers of anarchist books and papers since 1886. Based in London, Britain.

UK based anarchist publishers. Producers of the excellent anarcho-Tin Tin classic "Breaking Free".

Lucy Parsons Center
A radical left education project in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Lucy Parsons Center
An autonomous radical community center/bookstore in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Black Rose Books
Excellent, well organised homepage for the anarchist publishers Black Rose. Based in Canada. Visit for Black Rose in Australia.

Black Planet Radical Bookstore
An anarchist and radical bookshop in the USA.

Black Planet
An anarchist and radical book mail order service

Centro Social Libertario
Self-managed anarchist social centre in Spain. Includes the journal El Acratador.

Westhuman Anarchist Press
Anarchist publishing base in Canada.

Anarres Books Home Page
Anarchist Bookshop in, East Brunswick Australia. Named after the fictional moon which was home to the anarchist society created by Ursula Le Guin in her classic Science Fiction novel The Dispossessed.

Autonmous Centre of Edinburgh
Self-managed social centre in Edinburgh, Scotland.

1 in 12 Club
Long running self-managed anarchist social centre in Bradford, England.

Kate Sharpley Library
Kate Sharpley Library
UK based anarchist library and publishers. The late Albert Meltzer helped start it.

See Sharp Press Web Site
Anarchist printers, based in Tucson, USA. For books, pamphlets and bumper stickers.

Elephant Editions
Elephant Editions are an anarchist publishers who produce cheap versions of anarchist classics by the likes of Kropotkin and Malatesta, plus more recent works.

New York based publishers. Includes books on libertarian marxism and situationism.

The Albert Meltzer Press
British based publishers. Named after one of the leading members of the British (and international) anarchist movement who died in 1996. Contains short reviews of various books, plus links to other anarchist sites.

Kasa de la Muntanya
Excellent looking webpage for anarchist social centre in Barcelona, Spain.

Catalyst Distribution
Catalyst Distribution is a non-profit anarchist book distribution service based in L.A. in the USA.

The Red and Black Book Project
Project to publish anarchist books.

The Anarchist Teapot - free community cafe & info centre in Worthing
Name says it all!

Anarchist bookstore in Sweden.

the Emma Center
An Integrative anarchist center for creativity, learning and community in urban Nashville, USA.

Paupers Bookshop
Anarchist Bookshop in Bowling Green, OH, USA.

El Lokal
Anarchist Bookshop and social centre in Barcelona, Catalonia/Spain.

Anarchist booksellers from Portugal.

Libertad Verlag Berlin/Köln
German Language Anarchist Publisher.

Núcleo de Sociabilidade Libertária
Brazilian anarchist publishers

Anarchist Bookfair
Webpage of the yearly London based anarchist bookfair.

Zabalaza Books - "Knowledge is the Key to be Free!"
Zabalaza Books
Zabalaza (struggle) Books is based on Southern Africa and aims to make Anarchist literature cheaply available to working and poor people there -- "Knowledge is the Key to be Free."

Christie Books
Webpage for books produced by the publishing project of Stuart Christie (Scotland's most famous anarchist). Has articles for download as well.

Wooden Shoe Books
Anarchist bookshop in Philadelphia, USA.

Anarchist and Radical Music and Art

Home pages for anarchist and radical singers, bands, songs, art and artists. Cultural anarchy at its best!

"A pamphlet, no matter how good, is never read more than once, but a song is learned by heart and repeated over and over" -- Joe Hill

Songs of the IWW
Classic songs from the Wobblies' "Little Red Song Book". Fan those flames of discontent!

The First Church of Chumbawamba
Home pages for the anarchist band Chumbawamba.

Phil Ochs
Home page about the radical sixities folk singer Phil Ochs. Member of the Industrial Workers of the World, he wrote many classic songs (including Love me, I'm a Liberal, Links on the Chain, Joe Hill and There but for Fortune). Well worth checking out.

The Levellers Page
Home page of the anarchist influenced folk bank The Levellers. There is one way of life and that's your own!

Uit de Sloot
Dutch anarcho-punk band. One of its members is maintainer of the anarchy-list (a mailing list on anarchism).

Mutual Aid Recordings
Includes the likes of Chumbawamba and Noam Chomsky (!) in their catalogue.

Anarchist, libertarian and rebel songs from around the world
Find out the words for your favourite anarchist song!

Rage Against the Machine
Official homepage of the famous radical band.

Brigada Flores Magon
Anarchist band from France.

Utah Phillips
US radical/IWW folk singer and story teller.

Donald Rooum's Art and Argument
Webpage of anarchist comic artist Donald Rooum. Contains examples of his Wildcat comic (takes time to load).

Extensive listing of anarchist artists and art. Very good.

Anarchist Art
This site is the home to all kinds of anarchist and anarchistic art. They hope that eventually the art here will take many forms - cartoons, music, poetry, digital or multimedia art and more.

Joe Hill's Songs (and tributes)
Webpage on IWW song writer and martyr.

The Mark Thomas Product
Mark Thomas @ MTCP.CO>UK
Offical and unofficial homepages of radical comic Mark Thomas.

Anarcho-Syndicalism in Audio
Collection of anarchist and syndicalist songs.

Sites on Anarchist History

Web-pages on events which are of interest to anarchists, such as revolutions, social rebellions, general strikes and so on.

Internet Anarchist University - Anarchist History
Links to sites about anarchist history. Part of the Mid-Atlantic Infoshop.

C.I.R.A. - Lausanne
International Center for Research on Anarchism (CIRA). This houses works on the anarchist movement and philosophy in more than 25 languages. Based in Switzerland.

Anarchism in the Spanish Revolution
A web-page celebrating the role of anarchists in the Spanish revolution and their achievements in trying to create a new society free from oppression and exploitation. Links to over 60 articles and webpages.

The Bolsheviks and Workers Control -- by Maurice Brinton
A remarkable pamphlet exposing the struggle that took place over the running of workplaces in the immediate aftermath of the Russian Revolution. It exposes the myth that Leninism has anything to do with socialism.

Special Collections - The Siege and Commune of Paris
Collection of documents and pictures about the Paris Commune of 1871.

The German Revolution
Documents about the German Revolution of 1918 to 1923. Concentrates on Council Communists involved in it.

Hungary, 1956
The Hungarian Revolution
Short introductions to the revolution against Russian imposed state capitalism that occured in Hungary, 1956. In fighting against state capitalism, they also rejected market capitalism in favour of a system of self-managed workers' councils.

Russia's Revolutionary Anarchist Movement
Excellent introduction to the anarchist role in the Russian Revolution. Originally from Clifford Harper's excellent book, Anarchy: A Graphic Guide

Collectives In Spain
Gaston Level's excellent summary of the self-managed collectives created in the Spanish Revolution.

To Remember Spain: The Anarchist and Syndicalist Revolution of 1936 -- by Murray Bookchin
Useful introductory essays on the anarchist inspired social revolution in Spain, 1936.

Another Spain - Forgotten Heroes
Article on Spanish Resistance to Fascism in France during the second world war from the anti-fascist magazine Fighting Talk. Find out about the anarchist militia's involvement against German occupation.

Another Spain - The People Armed
Article on the role of anarchist women in the Spanish Revolution, their part in the street fighting in the first days, on the front line and creating the revolution in the "home front."

The Spanish Revolution & Civil War 1936-1939
Introductory essay on the Spanish Civil War in which anarchists played a major role. Has links to anarchist related sites and various viewpoints on the civil war (from fascist and right-libertarian perspectives to anarchist and marxist ones).

The Rattle of the Thompson Gun: Resistance to Franco 1939-52
Anarchist resistance to the Franco dictatorship after the end of the civil war.

The First Anti-Fascists
Short, but excellent, introduction to resistance against the rise of Fascism in Italy, in the early 1920s. Anarchists played a key role in the struggle.

Makhnovists & The Russian Revolution
Nestor Makhno et la Makhnovstchina
Short introductions about the anarchist Makhnovist movement and the role they played in the Russian revolution.

October 1917 : A lost opportunity for socialism? The Russian Revolution
Anarchist analysis of the Russian Revolution.

The Kronstadt Uprising -- Ida Mett.
Excellent account of the 1921 uprising against Lenin's dictatorship. A classic introduction to a key event of the Russian Revolution.

Translation of Izvestiia of the Kronstadt rebellion - 1921
Newspaper of the Kronstadt rebels. Essential reading to counter Leninist lies about the Kronstadt revolt.

Pravda o Kronshtadte: The Truth About Kronstadt
Good introduction to the Kronstadt uprising in 1921. Contains all the issues of the newspaper produced by the rebels.

Left Bank Books Collective: Mayday Histories
Short introduction to the history importance of May Day, International Workers Day. Has links and references on the subject.

Women's History Information Project of the IWW
Name says it all. Information about anarchist and other revolutionary women and their history.

Origins and Ideals of the Modern School
Excellent introduction to the Modern School movement and its ideas. See also Finding Aid : Intro & History : Stelton Modern School Collection.

The Italian Factory Occupations of 1920
Important article on the near revolution in Italy in 1920 in which anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists played an important role.

Workers Power & the Spanish Revolution
Excellent analysis of the role of the CNT-FAI in the Spanish Revolution from an anarcho-syndicalist perspective.

The Friends of Durruti Group: 1937-1939
Excellent, if flawed, book about one of the anarchist groups during the Spanish Revolution which opposed the CNT-FAI's disasterous policy of co-operating with the Republican state. Author, as a libertarian Marxist, tries to paint the Friends as Marxists rather than anarchists, but an important work on an otherwise little documented group.

Biographie de Jules Bonnot
Information about one of the French "illegalist" group active in France at the start of the twentieth century. Influenced by Stirner, they expropriated wealth all across France and in the process invented the get-away-car! Victor Serge was associated with them in his anarchist days.

DAILY BLEED: Calendar of Eclectic events, Public Secrets
Extensive listing of events, people, links of a radical and interesting nature. Find out what happened on a given day!

The Anarchist Timeline/Chronology (1300+ Dates & Events)
Name says it all!

Radical Tradition
Australian radical and anarchist history.

May 1968 Graffiti
Graffiti from the general strike and near revolution in France, 1968.

History of the CNT
Short introduction to the history of the Spanish CNT. Includes powerpoint presentation.

The Anarchist Movement in Japan
Excellent introduction to the anarchist movement in Japan.

Cuban Anarchism: The History of a Movement -- by Frank Fernandez
Excellent account of the history of the Cuban anarchist movement, from its beginnings to its suppression under Castro's dictatorship.

Haymarket Affair (American Memory, Library of Congress)
The Dramas of Haymarket
Two excellent pages on the Haymarket events of 1886.

Anarchism in Africa: A history of a movement -- by Sam Mbah and I.E. Igariwey
Excellent introduction to both anarchism and anarchism in Africa.

Sites with useful Anarchist Resources

Web-pages with useful resources for pratical uses (such as leaflets in pdf format, organising suggestions, etc.).

Listing of PDF files accessable on Revolt
Excellent collection of leaflets and pamphlets available in pdf format and suitable for printing.

On-Line Literature
Zabalaza Books - Downloads
Another excellent collection of pdf format pamphlets from Zabalaza Books in South Africa.

A practical guide to anarchist organisation for beginners
Introduction and suggestions for organising an anarchist group.

Anarchism in Action: Methods, Tactics, Skills, and Ideas
Excellent introduction. Full of useful information.

Organize Your Own IWW Branch
Find out how to organise an IWW branch where you work or live.

Organizing Center
Useful IWW webpage on organising radical labour unions.

AG Kiosk: Anti-Authoritarian Poster Network
Anarchist images.

Anarchist Images
Yet more Anarchist graphics!

Anarchist Newsgroups

News-groups which are explicitly anarchist.

Like the rest of the usenet, the newsgroups for anarchism is filled with junk mail, pro-capitalist libertarians (some of them claiming to be anarchists), off the subject comments and personal attacks. But what else can you expect from a completely uncensored news-channel? You also find interesting debates and announcements about events, and newsgroups have one advantage over mailing-lists: You only read the posts you pick out yourselves, while the contents of mailing lists keep dumping down in your mailbox.






Anarchist Related Newsgroups

Here are a list of the news-groups which anarchists will find interesting and useful.









Anarchist and Syndicalist Mailing Lists

E-mail based lists which are explicitly anarchist or for supporters of revolutionary unionism.

List for discussions about anarchism with over 200 members. Heavy traffic, most of which can easily be ignored but does have very interesting discussions very frequently. Its like a virtual anarchist pub (or bar). To subscribe send a message and ask politely to be subscribed to the anarchy-list. There is also an archive of the anarchy-list.

Research on Anarchism
This list is moderated, which means less traffic and less arguing than the anarchy-list. To join, send them a message and ask to be subscribed. Visit their webpage here

News, reports and analysis from international anarchist newsagencies. To subscribe send send a message with the words SUBSCRIBE A-INFOS in the body of the message. There is a seperate list for discussing the contents of A-INFOS. To subscribe add the words SUBSCRIBE A-INFOS-D to the body of your message.

The IWW's list for alternative news. Fairly active mailing-lists, but the postings are not always all that interesting. To subscribe send a message with the words SUBSCRIBE IWW-NEWS in the body of the message.

List for discussing syndicalism and anarchosyndicalism. To subscribe send a message with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Mailing list about the syndicalist international. To subscribe send a message with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

This is a private, invitation-only list run by dedicated "class struggle anarchists" (libertarian socialists, anarcho-syndicalists, and anarchist communists). To ask to see the guidelines in order to join, send email to the above address.

This list is a sister list of the Organise list. The list has the same guidelines as Organise -- class struggle anarchism, but the guidelines are not enforced. Anyone is free to join. To subscribe, send an email to with "subscribe solidarity" in the message body to the above address.

This is a list for anarchist discussion for Australians (and New Zealanders too, we assume). To subscribe send them a message and ask to be added.

Mailing list about anarchism and/in Ireland. To subscribe send a message with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Monster, a anarcho-feminist group in the US is running an anarcha-feminist list. To join mail the above address and ask to subscribe.

Forum for discussing setting up an international anarchist computer network, linking BBS'es, internet sites, etc. To join send a message with the words SUBSCRIBE ANETDEV in the body of the message.

Mid-Atlantic Infoshop - Infoshop.org News and Opinion Wire
Up to date anarchist and activist news and opinion. Infoshop-news contains the best from the alternative press, as well as news from the corporate/boss press that is of interest to activists. To subscribe to Infoshop-news, send a message to majordomo@flag.blackened.net with nothing in the subject line and "subscribe infoshop-news" in the body.

Anarchist Educational List
To Subscribe, send email with "subscribe anoked-l" in the message BODY.

Alternative Network for Eastern Europe
Started by the Polish Anarchist Federation. To join send a mail with the words "SUBSCRIBE ALTER-EE" in the body of the message.

ANARQLAT es un foro para usuarios de correo electronico, constituido en torno a la tematica del Anarquismo en America Latina - Para suscribirse a la lista envie un mensaje sin subject, colocando en el cuerpo del mismo: "subscribe anarqlat"
[Spanish/ Portuguese language list for Latin American anarchism].

anarchist propaganda list
The idea of this list is that people and groups will post copies of their fliers, pamphlets, articles etc for anyone to copy and use. To subscribe, send an empty message to the above address.

Freedom Press International
A discussion list for anarchists, libertarian socialists and other radicals. Themes will be varied but it is hoped that discussion will centre on practical anarchism and its role in the wider political community. To join the list send a message to the above address with the message subscribe fpi-d

Mujeres Libres
Mujeres Libres is a new anarcha-feminist mailing list. It is a list for anarchist women. It is a space for to meet, exchange information, and learn about each other and each other's struggles. It is not just concerned with "women's issues", but with all issues that affect us. We are not content to sit on the sidelines, we are all actively engaged in opposing capitalism. To join send a message to the above address and with first line of your message should read subscribe MujeresLibres. There is no need to include a subject line.

The list is for people who want to focus on spreading the idea of anarchism by Internet-related means. To subscribe, send a message to daver@flag.blackened.net with "subscribe iag (email address)" in the message body.


This list is for people who are both religious and anarchists to discuss their views with each other. To subscribe, send a message to the above address with "subscribe rel-anarchy " in the message body.

Atlantic Anarchist Circle
New regional anarchist network for east-coast US & Canada. To join send a mail to the above address with the words "subscribe aac" in the body of the message.

Washington, D.C. area
For anarchists and anti-authoritarians living in the Washington, D.C. area, including folks living in Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia, Eastern West Virginia, and the DelMarVa Pennisula. To join, send an email with no subject to the above address. In the body of the message include: "subscribe dc "

Red and Black a
regional list for all varieties of the Libertarian Left in the Midwestern USA. To Subscribe mail the above address with the SUBJECT subscribe.

Anarchy in the South U.S.
A new listserv which hopes to become an online community for anarchists, left-libertarians, and anti-authoritarians living in the southeastern United States. To subscribe email the above address with the message "subscribe south "

Alternative Network for Eastern Europe >br>Started by the Polish Anarchist Federation. To join send mail to the above address with the words "SUBSCRIBE ALTER-EE" in the body of the message. Also see this webpage.

Ex-yu-a-lista is meant for circulation of information and discussion among anarchists in countries which emerged from what was once SFR Yugoslavia. Language(s): southslavic. To subscribe visit the above webpage and fill in the details.

Anarchist list for finnish-speaking anarchists. To join, contact the above address.

Confederation of Anarchist Youth
This is a new net work of young anarchists. To join their mailing list, send a mail to the above address with "SUBSCRIBE CAY (firstname) (lastname)" in body of the message.

WSA-talk The list of the American section of the IWA. To join send a message to the above address with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Chicano/a, Mexicano/a Anarchists
Mailing list created by and for Chicano/a, Mexicano/a Anarchists to discuss our ideas, culture and projects. To join, send a blank message to the above address.

Kansas City Anarchists List
Organizing and announcements list for anarchists living in the Kansas City/Lawrence region of the U.S. To subscribe send an email to the above address with "subscribe kc"

Black/African American Anarchists
A mailing list for black/African American people interested in anarchism/libertarian socialism. To subscribe, send a message to the above address with "subscribe black-libertarians" in the message body.

A list like the popular "Anarchy-List" but moderated to eliminate abuse and spam. To subscribe send an empty message to the above address. To subscribe to an unmoderated version, send an empty message to this address. These lists are anti-capitalist.

Anarchist Teachers list
A list for anarchist and anti-authoritarian teachers, educators, schoolworkers, free skool instructors, and educational workers has been set up. You don't have to teach a class in anarchism to join. If you teach math, but consider yourself an anarchist, please feel free to join. If you work in a school cafeteria, you can also join. To subscribe, send an email to the above address and in the body, type: "subscribe teachers"

Anarchism and the Spanish Revolution email list
For those interested in discussing the Spanish Revolution.

The Anarchist Platform - a mailing list for anarchists
For those interested in discussing Platformist anarchism and the Platform of Libertarian Communism.

Discussion list for UK based Anarchists interested in industrial networking, organising and struggle.